Sunshine Luxury Travel DMC gives you the opportunity to make the most of your stay and to improve your smile in a handful of days. Our exclusive cosmetic dentistry unit focuses on enhancing your smile using the world-recognized techniques to offer you amazing results in a short period of time. Our team of professionals, specialised in different areas of odontology and cosmetic dentistry, are qualified to treat and solve all kinds of cases, in the least amount of time possible, and in such a way that this units stays true to our principles and philosophy of all-round care of individuals; moreover it uses minimally invasive treatment to get good results.  To this end we have world-recognized technology in odontology and cosmetic dentistry, together with the human and professional qualities needed to make this experience with the dentist the best you have ever had. Now you can improve your smile in a handful of days, with specialists, techniques and up-to-date materials.


Our team of professionals in various fields of dentistry and dental aes- thetics is prepared to address and solve all kinds of cases, in the shortest time possible while maintaining all the principles and philoso- phy of SHA in relation to the comprehensive care of the person and to being minimally invasive to achieve the best results. To such end, we rely on the latest technology in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, and human and professional qualities required to ensure that your dental experience is unmatched.

This unit has a broad portfolio of services, with the latest equipment in radiology, implantology and own laboratory, which allows us to optimi- ze the time and achieve in a few days, very visible results in treatments ranging from whitening, fillings and cleaning to implants, prostheses and surgeries.

Our Aesthetic medicine area offers you some of the most advanced techniques, which prove results following extensive research works of investigation and are endorsed by major international scientific societies. After a consultation with the aesthetic medicine specialist, an aesthetic facial and physical diagnosis is made, whence recommendations are made as to what treatments fit your needs. These are treatments bound by our philosophy: minimally invasive and with excellent results, permitting an immediate return to your normal activities.


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